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“Disco Segreta”© was born as a transmedia project devoted to preserve the heritage of european 70s underground disco music and 80s italo-disco, with a particular focus on Italy and Europe.

Head of the label is Carlo Simula, an italian DJ and music archaeologist, producer and author for the much-revered “Overfitting Disco” blog, focusing on all things disco, especially weird and wonderful european and worldwide obscurities. It is fair to say that Carlo is one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet when it comes to Italian/European disco records from the 70s and 80s.

<< Lover of fine sleaze, off-key singing, flanged drums, vocoders, drilling synth lines and – in general – anything that failed the charts, Carlo’s selection, either for his own label and in his DJ sets, often touches assorted Italian weirdos, as well as French, German, Spanish and other countries’ disco music, all played on vinyl only, for the real deal experience, careless of any fashion. >>
The label was launched in 2015 with the re-release of the cult 1981 italian disco track “Andromeda” by mysterious Andromeda (DS M 001), followed by the instant-classic summer italo-disco track “Stranamore” by Brina (DS M 002).
2016 saw Disco Segreta re-releasing on 12” for the first time, one of the most important italian underground records of the 1970s: Gino Pavan’s lost 45 single “Magico” (DS M 003), a disco-prog-rock masterpiece, backed with the percussion and flute-driven “La Terra ed il Seme”, along with an unreleased track “Electrik Flower”.
Another first-time-ever-12” release has been 2017 Susana Estrada’s “Espacial” (DS M 004), a due hommage to the spanish “destape” icon. As for all Disco Segreta releases – where possible – dubbed from the original masters.
2018 saw the release of Italian/German mysterious band Fireplays, with their “Hormone” and “Allein” tracks (DS M 005), again a lost, close to never-distributed italian 45, with both tracks sung in German.
Summer 2018 saw the legit repress, from the multitrack masters, of 1984 italo-boogie-disco bomb Pat & Pats – Tobago, an instant sold-out, whose all versions (including the original author remix, the “Miro’s Piano Paradise” version) played extensively in Ibiza by cult DJs such as DJ Harvey.
Winter 2019 sees Disco Segreta scoring another first-time-ever 12″ release, repressing from the actual analog masters the much-sought after 1984 melanchol-italo tracks “E Poi” / “Perché Dovrei” by Patrizia Saronni, only previously released on a 45, with the addition of a previously unreleased alternate version that never saw the light of the day until now.
ADESSO, the experimental sister label of Disco Segreta, exclusively devoted to contemporary electronics, was born in 2017. Debuting its catalogue with Gino Pavan’s first album in 40 years, “Absolute”: a dreamy meditative masterpiece where Gino concentrates a lifetime of musical experiences combining progressive-rock, ambient electronics, synthesizers and prepared instruments.
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