DS M 001 Andromeda

“DISCO SEGRETA” private label debuts with first issue re-releasing lost 1981 italian disco track

“Disco Segreta” is a new private label devoted to reissue lost disco gems, with a focus on european underground disco – particularly italian – from the 70s, along with 80s italo disco. But “Disco Segreta” is more than just another reissue label: it is a proper transmedia project comprising of a documentary on the unknown european and italian disco scene of the 70s, which is now at an advanced stage of pre-production, as well as vinyl releases and other media outputs. Plans are for few but extremely selected and cared for releases.

The first release – catalogue number DS 001 M – is titled “Andromeda”.

Despite the blatant “sound quote” of one of the most famous disco tracks ever, “Andromeda” makes full sense on its own, turning into a space-disco monster, possibly the definitive dream version of the originally quoted track: the semi-electronic pounding layers of acid mono and poly synthesizers, a string section, slapped bass and a sick guitar, topped by a robotic italian female singing with dreamy lyrics depicting the tales of an alien creature landing on our planet to save and take us to a blue planet called LOVE, makes the rest.

Discovered and played around by respected underground disco djs in vinyl-only gigs from 2008 on, “Andromeda” caused overwhelming positive reactions on the dancefloor, soon turning into a cult track, seeing its original 45 release in picture sleeve fetching now €€€€ on the vinyl collectors market. The idea of making this track finally available to a wider audience was therefore the only logical next step.

The track was originally published on the small “Papaya” label in 1981. The studio sheet reveals it was made between 5 and 13 July, 1981. Its fate at the time was pretty unlucky, though: of the 500 copies originally pressed, most got unsold and sent back to the label to be stocked, where – due to poor sales and some complaints on sound quality of the pressing – they ended up being destroyed. But there’s more fascinating stories connected to “Andromeda”…..

The re-release of this track has been quite an adventure: discovered a few years ago by chance, the hunt for the original author of the track started soon after. It took close to five years to track down the rights owner and obtain the license for a legit pressing. Then, the original analog mastertape was found, but it suffered from the “sticky shed syndrome”, so it had to undergo a thorough cleaning and “tape baking” stage, to allow 24 bits digital dubbing of all the 24 tracks of the master. The quality of this step was guaranteed by renowed italian tape transfer artisan Cesare Marchesini. The master lacquer has been manufactured by Roberto Barbolini – possibly among the world’s best best– and the only italian artisan still active in the cutting field, while the mastering stage was made by Pro Tools wizard Senio Corbini at Narada Studio in Siena, Italy.

A1 is titled “Respectful extended” for a reason: this is the full original version of the track, only slightly extended, completely remastered and taken back to its original form.

Everything in this version is faithful to the original: from the violin parts not hearable in the original 7” to every effect you hear on the track parts, everything has been taken back to – as much as possible – the original studio mixdown choices of the authors, with no other alterations.

A2 is the original version of the track on the 45. No 7” original mixdown was available on the mastertape. So instead of trying building back something that would have never sounded exactly as the original mix, the choice has been to just present the original 7” mix directly culled from the original vinyl, together with all its faults and quality loss.

This is an intentionally risky choice, but the intention was to offer the original “as is”, with its historical value as a sound document, to guarantee the most “authentic” listening experience without the need of getting hold of the 45.

A3 – the track on the full B side – is a remix of the track, as reworked in a contemporary fashion by legendary Italian cult-following DJ and producer Beppe Loda. World-famous for turning italian discotheque Typhoon into mythology during the 80s, and been the first ever italian dj getting to play two times in NY’s MOMA, he’s highly regarded as the father of every italian alternative djs, playing more than ever his spins today in his recent extensive Australian and Japanese tours. He turns “Andromeda” into the time travel of a dark, mysterious probe wandering in space, suddendly teleported into our dimension and ready to abduct dancers through his blueprint african-influenced electronic vibes, made famous by his “Afro” tapes serie, as well as his productions under the monikers Egotrya and MC1.

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DS M 001, DS M 001 TP

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