DS M 014 – Gianni e Donatella – Amore Segreto

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First time vinyl reissue of Gianni e Donatella’s obscure italo-boogie track “Guarda l’Amore” plus four previously unreleased tracks!



Disco Segreta reveals another music mystery ! 

This LP – taking almost 4 years in the making – marks the first ever 12” release of the elusive downtempo italo-boogie tune “Guarda l’Amore”, sung by the mysterious italian duo Gianni & Donatella, only previously available on the impossibly rare 1987  “Disco Italia” compilation LP, released on the tiny italian “Disco In” label. 

Our disco archeologist job proved to be incredibly fruitful, to the point that we’ve unearthed three *previously unreleased* demo tracks sung by tracks author Walter Canducci along with Gianni, supposed to be part of an LP release that ultimately never saw the light of the day….until now, and guess what – they’re jaw-dropping! 

Starting with the slap-bass funk bomb “Si, No”, then going into the late-night love maker “Amore Mio”, topping it all with the mellow beach vibes-infused “Come Allora”. On top of that, you’ll also get an alternate “Guarda l’Amore” demo version. 

We will never know how these lo-fi demos would sound if the original project of Gianni & Donatella singing on all tracks succeeded, but the only existing recorded evidence can surely give a feel of this unique italo-boogie studio project, that has a space in the most respected DJ bags only. As usual with our extreme quality standards, reissue is from actual analog multitrack and stereo masters! 

Tracklist 12” release:

A1) Guarda l’Amore (Original demo)

A2) Si, No

B1) Guarda l’Amore (Original Lp version)

B2) Amore Mio

B3) Solo Amore


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 33 × 2 × 33 cm

DS M 014 – Gianni e Donatella – Amore Segreto – Limited 180g. black vinyl

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