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2019 Disco Segreta & ADESSO merchandising collection

Our fantastic merchandising is back with lots of great new items!
You had a sneak-peek and the chance to buy these at the Independent Label Market in Barcelona, and now they're available!

First, we have completely restyled our tees.
We changed the fabric: now it's 100% organic high-quality fair-trade certified cotton, plus, as you requested, now two more variants are EXCLUSIVELY available for summer 2019: the black tees (M/W) with the Disco Segreta gold foil logo with green lamination speckles and the Disco Segreta silver foil logo with blue lamination speckles. Each one of these tee is UNIQUE, due to fully hand-made manufacturing. Watch out, these are EXTREMELY LIMITED ! Here's how they look like (pictured: MEN shirts)

Disco Segreta Gold Foil with Green lamination speckles logo tee (MEN)
Disco Segreta Silver Foil with blue speckles lamination tee (MEN)

Here's how the WOMEN versions look like

Disco Segreta Gold foil with green lamination speckles (WOMEN)
Disco Segreta Silver foil logo with blue lamination speckles (WOMEN)

Women shirt also sport a fully redesigned super feminine and stylish cut !

Disco Segreta white logo black tee (WOMEN)

Full redesign and new fabrics also for the ADESSO shirts

ADESSO black logo on white tee (MEN)
ADESSO white logo on black tee (WOMEN)

And to celebrate the second repress of Andromeda, tees are finally available! Only available in black with green artwork!

Andromeda artwork tee

Needless to say, all the shirts are ALL MADE IN ITALY!
We have also added some new promotional only items, which will only be available on request .
Let's start with the coffee mugs section: three new models, apart from the classic Disco Segreta white mug with black logo. Now it's also available in black with the white logo and the exclusive Disco Segreta magic mug......fully black, it will reveal the Disco Segreta logo when heated !

Disco Segreta black mug

We also received requests for our sister label ADESSO coffee mugs, only available in white with black logo :

ADESSO coffee mug

And for our DJs and collectors, here's our lovely double sided unique Disco Segreta slipmats, available again :

Slipmats record side
Slipmats b side, with small DS logos

And finally, the mousepads, both ADESSO and Disco Segreta :

DS Mousepad
ADESSO Mousepad

As many of you asked about these, we now have the classic metal pins, both ADESSO and Disco Segreta, only available on request or FREE buying any other Disco Segreta or ADESSO vinyl or tees !

DS metal pin
ADESSO metal pin

There are only 2/3 per size (M sizes: M / L - W sizes: S / M), in some cases only 1 per type is left already, and the golden/silver foil are only available for summer 2019 and will never be available again! So what are you waiting for? Head now to our SHOP and click on MERCHANDISING to visualize all the items!