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Disco Segreta”© is a niche independent Italian label and publishing company devoted to preserve, rediscover and make available again the weird and wonderful heritage of European 1970s underground disco and 1980s italo-disco music, with a particular focus on Italy.

The time frame of our music archaeology research is mostly 1968 to 1989.

We specialize in bringing new life into the future to overlooked #disco and #italo-disco actually appeared on the market during the 1970s and 1980s.

Past is the new future 

Head of the label is Carlo Simula. DJ, producer and author for the much-revered “Overfitting Disco” blog, focusing on all things disco. It is fair to say that Carlo is one of the most expert and passionate diggers on the planet when it comes to Italian/European disco and italo-disco records from the 70s and 80s.

Fewer but better 

The label was launched in 2015 with the re-release of the cult 1981 Italian disco holy grail “Andromeda” by Andromeda (DS M 001).

From there just 18 carefully selected releases, in limited vinyl editions (as of July 2022).

Made in Italy with love 

Our team is comprised of the most Italian expert technicians and sought-after craftsmen in the analogue and audiophile industries. Our production process and business partners are all based in Italy. Real "Made in Italy" all the way through!



We're co-partners of our other label ADESSOexclusively devoted to #contemporary #electronics #drone #ambient #experimental #cinematic. 

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1968 - 1979 Golden age disco / Italo disco


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Contemporary, electronics, experimental miusic project


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