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    Do you need to track down a physical master or master/publishing rights?
    We do it for you! through our network of international partners, we have access ...
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    We offer sync services of our catalogue for advertisements, tv and the movie industry ...
    You own an analog master and can’t find that rare ampex models that reads it?
    Our network of analog and audiophile artisans have all the old analog tape ...

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    • Disco Segreta introduces DSM 022 Dana!

      DS M 022 - Dana - Estate/S’Inghelada Disco Segreta sets your summer on fire introducing the reissue of one of the rarest and most obscure Italian disco records ever! Dana was the moniker of the very first band led by Sardinian singer Gianni Virdis....

    • Disco Segreta introduces DSM 021 - Louise Freeman

      Disco Segreta is happy to introduce you the official reissue of one of the most sought after italo disco records ever! Born in London, Karen Louise Freeman experienced vast popularity in Italy in 1982-83, where she appeared on Sunday’s most popular TV...

    • Disco Segreta introduces DS M 020 Sal Panzera - No, Stasera No

      Disco Segreta is incredibly proud to introduce one of the most obscure and sought after Italian disco tracks ever released ! Salvatore “Sal” Vito Panzera is originally from Lequile in Apulia, and as many Italians of his generation, his parents...