Miro feat. Massimo Urbani - Passion Night is candidate for a 65th GRAMMY Nomination !

Miro feat. Massimo Urbani - Passion Night is an official Candidate for a 65th GRAMMY Nomination in the category of Best Historical Album #FYC #ForYourConsideration #Grammys

DSM018 Laura Angel - Exclusive HHV edition on blue vinyl

Laura Angel exclusive HHV edition. 100 numbered copies on 180g. blue vinyl!

Disco Segreta introduces DS M 018 - Laura Angel - If You Want / Summer Time

Disco Segreta sets your summer on fire with the official reissue of two killer obscure italo-disco masterpieces ! Out of the catalog of the no longer active cult Savona-based label Disco In, this 7” released in 1985 in 1000 copies sung by the mysterious Laura Angel, is probably one of the most elusive, with original copies hardly ever showing up ! “Summer Time” carries all the fascinating stylistic elements of italo-disco:  romantic struggle, summer-inspired ital-english lyrics sung by a catchy female voice, over minimal 80s drums and arpeggiated basslines; while “If You Want” is possibly one of the finest examples...

Disco Segreta introduces DS M 017 Luciano Zanetti - Space

Get ready to warp drive on the Disco Segreta spaceship !

This time we pay tribute to the overlooked work of italian musician Luciano Zanetti. Still relatively unknown to most, he was  born in Lecco, where he graduated in violin and piano at the local Conservatorio, but then focused on acoustic and electric guitar, spending most of his life as a musician and teacher.

Disco Segreta introduces DS M 016 Margherita Ton

Disco Segreta prepares for summer with a true italo-disco obscure bomb !
Margherita Ton was the moniker used by musician and composer Rita Sementilli for this one-off 45 single, originally released in 1987 on the italian private label New York Studio, in an edition of just 100 copies

Disco Segreta introduces DS M 015 Spazio Vitale - Spazio Funky

First ever 12” vinyl release of the obscure 1977 funk-disco track “Spazio Funky” from Genoa-based studio band Spazio Vitale, only previously available on a 7” released on the tiny Melody label.