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Disco Segreta teams up again with Miro (b. Mario Baldoni) in the re-release of his 1970s-80s productions, after the italo-disco burner Stranamore by Brina (DS M 002) and the tropifrutti balearic italo-house smasher Tobago by Pat & Pats (DS M 006), we are back introducing to italo-disco connoisseurs a truly atomic jam !

“Passion Night” was originally written by Miro in 1985. Story goes that envisioning a release by 1987, Miro teamed up with legendary south-african sound engineer Allan Goldberg, in light of their previous Vedette Records disco-infused collaboration for the “Slang“ studio project and the “Real Life Games” LP. The team featured also track co-writer Gregorio Puccio, ready to unleash the synths (Roland JD800 + D50, Yamaha DX7, Oberheim 12, Prophet 5), along with two young vocalists, Giulia Fasolino and Silver Pozzoli, later to become household names for the italo-disco heads.

As a special feature on the track, Miro brought in the studio contribution of the top italian jazz contralto saxophone virtuoso of the era, Massimo Urbani.

In September 1987 a session at Pomodoro Studio had the track recorded on a 24 tracks tape, where has been sitting unreleased for 35 years, until now !

Within its cross-genre blend of synth-pop, italo-disco and jazz, “Passion Night” is an outstanding musical time capsule, a picture-perfect vivid snapshot of year 1987, with the additional historical value as a document itself: it’s the only strictly non-jazz project in Massimo Urbani’s repertoire, in a revelatory performance shedding a light over an unusual facet of Urbani’s versatile talent, regardless of boundaries, a few years before his untimely passing.

Three years in the making for this first-ever release, so that we could bring you “Passion Night” in its original 1987 version from the actual multitrack master, with our usual respectful treatment, plus three remixes: the balearic infused “Miro Smooth Jazz Remix” and a remix by highly acclaimed musician and producer Giulio d’Agostino aka Julyo, who can claim a plethora of collaborations for artists as diverse as Aphex Twin, Lou Reed, Fabrizio de Andrè.

An additional “Lo Fi Jazz” remix will be exclusively available on Bandcamp.   

Tracklist 12” release:

A1) Passion Night - Original 1987 version

A2) Passion Night - Miro Smooth Jazz Radio Edit

B1) Passion Night - Julyo remix

B2) Passion Night - Miro Smooth Jazz Extended

Tracklist digital release:

1) Passion Night - Original 1987 version

2) Passion Night - Miro Smooth Jazz Radio Edit

3) Passion Night - Julyo remix

4) Passion Night - Miro Smooth Jazz Extended

5) Passion Night - Lo Fi Jazz remix (Bandcamp exclusive)

Release date: 11 February, 2022