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Disco Segreta introduces DS M 010 - Segretissim*

Disco Segreta is proud to introduce you our next release DS M 010 - Segretissim *!

It will not be a proper vinyl release, but an incredible hand-made bespoke fragrance (yes, a fragrance!) inspired to the 1970s, a much-due hommage to the spirit of the disco era.

Disco Segreta joins artisanal italian fragrance-makers Panosmia to create a very special ultra limited edition merchandise item, to celebrate Disco Segreta’s 5th birthday and 10th release.

Combined with the music, what’s better than a fragrance to be instantly time-warped to the 70s?

Segretissim* will be released in two versions: SegretissimO for men and SegretissimA for women.

Due to the incredibly rare and precious materials this fragrance is made of, this item is only released in 25 copies only for each version.

Here's the pricing 

5 Early Birds M/F: 80€, the 20 others: 100 €.

Double set M/F : 85€ each (160€).

GO the the STORE page and get yours now !

We have also made 100 special matchboxes-samples of both fragrances, which can be obtained for free (you only pay postage) subscribing to our newsletter here

Samples will be included in every order made on website starting DS M 009, and the actual fragrance is ready to be sent in time for Christmas 2019.