· By Carlo Simula

Introducing "Disco Segreta Record Society" subscription service

"Disco Segreta Record Society" is our fan club and vinyl subscription service.

Each volume contains one year of Disco Segreta releases you buy in advance (plus shipping to your location).

Only a limited amount of Record Society bundles will be available per year, due to the variable quantity of each release pressed.

DSRS is an excellent way to never miss out on your Disco Segreta releases and save up money by paying just a one-time combined shipping fee.

This is particularly suitable for our non-European super fans: you get a locked price for each release and can save up to hundreds in shipping fees!

Say goodbye to sold-outs and support us diggin' out more disco gems for your own pleasure!

"Volume 1" will include:

- All four releases of 2023 

DSM 019 Lele Pathà - Stripiz, released March 17
DSM 020 Sal Panzera - No, Stasera No, released April 21
DSM 021 ??? released May
DSM 022 ??? released June

- Disco Segreta exclusive Tote Bag, pins and stickers!