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DS M 003 Gino Pavan - Magico

Disco Segreta announces official repress of italian musician Gino Pavan seminal experimental disco tracks
DS M 003 Gino Pavan - Magico / La Terra ed il Seme / Electrik Flower (1981 unreleased).
Disco Segreta is finally able to proudly introduce you the official, legit repress of an ultra rare and legendary italian 45 entirely played by multi-instrumentalist Gino Pavan, featuring an unreleased track recovered from a lost tape.
Highly regarded as one of the most important italian records of the 1970s, the 45 of “Magico” was originally published on the very small “Phantom” private label, which had its base in Tortona and had among its catalogue disco tracks, as well as “liscio”, instrumentals, radio jingles, “soundtracks” for local clubs. Out of the whole production of the label only a few releases are – dance wise – good. But these very few ones ended up being among the most important representatives of an era where Italy led experimentation.
This record has been the only one made by Gino Pavan using his own name.
Both “Magico” and “La Terra ed il Seme” were released in 1980 when Gino was 18 years old and had just completed his music conservatory school. Most instruments on both tracks are played by Gino himself, as he is a stunning multi-instrumentalist: the synths on “Magico” as well as the flute on “La Terra ed il Seme” and much of the drums were all played by him, and this should say enough on the multi faceted talent Gino is.
It shouldn’t sound surprising then his endless love for guitars and any type of electronic gear, backed up by a truly impressive record collection. The guy is as much talented as he is shy, considering the impressive list of artists he played with over the years he still doesn’t want to publicly disclose.
With an asking price of 500+€ for the original 45, this 12", which took more than three years in the making, and was personally approved by the artist in all its stages. He decided to include an extra track from 1981, recovered from a previously lost tape from that he calls his “electronic” era.
Over the years Gino ended up becoming a successful entrepreneur in another field, but never stopped recording music in his own home studio. In the very moment this release is announced, Gino has just finished recording a full new album after more than 40 years.
Release details
Cat.no.: DS M 003 – Gino Pavan – Magico / La Terra ed il Seme / Electrik Flower (unreleased). 12”, 45rpm, limited edition, remastered. Release date: October 2016