Disco Segreta introduces DS M 020 Sal Panzera - No, Stasera No

Disco Segreta is incredibly proud to introduce one of the most obscure and sought after Italian disco tracks ever released ! Salvatore “Sal” Vito Panzera is originally from Lequile in Apulia, and as many Italians of his generation, his parents moved to Canada in 1967. He was already there by the time of his first single “Era Scritto Cosi/Il Vento” in 1969. There he formed a band with “paisà”  Giovanni “Johnny” d’Orazio and his brother Sergio Panzera, playing every Saturday for italian weddings in Montreal. It was during one of these gigs he met Jerry Cucuzzella, a disco producer from...

Introducing our first 2023 release! DS M 019 Lele Pathà - Stripiz

Disco Segreta reissues another uber rare 70s Italian disco holy grail ! “Stripiz (Strapazzo)” - a made-up word meaning “Scramble” - was originally recorded in 1978 for the tiny Roman label SGR by Lele Pathà, moniker of musician Emanuele Degni, for what will be his only release, only issued on 45 in just a few hundred copies, specifically targeted to a clubbing environment. “Stripiz” is a truly unique record in the panorama of Italian 1970s disco during its climax years and is nothing short of pure madness: a fully instrumental track made out of synthesizers, moog lines, bells, drums topped by a...

Miro feat. Massimo Urbani - Passion Night is candidate for a 65th GRAMMY Nomination !

Miro feat. Massimo Urbani - Passion Night is an official Candidate for a 65th GRAMMY Nomination in the category of Best Historical Album #FYC #ForYourConsideration #Grammys

DSM018 Laura Angel - Exclusive HHV edition on blue vinyl

Laura Angel exclusive HHV edition. 100 numbered copies on 180g. blue vinyl!

Italian brand Tod's syncs Margherita Ton "Dammi Tanto Amore" for pre-fall 2022/3 campaign

Italian brand Tod's syncs Margherita Ton's "Dammi Tanto Amore" as the music for their Pre-Fall 2022 campaign "The Great Escape - The Games We Play". We made an additional ultra limited Tod's edition of 85 numbered copies to celebrate!

Disco Segreta introduces DS M 017 Luciano Zanetti - Space

Get ready to warp drive on the Disco Segreta spaceship !

This time we pay tribute to the overlooked work of italian musician Luciano Zanetti. Still relatively unknown to most, he was  born in Lecco, where he graduated in violin and piano at the local Conservatorio, but then focused on acoustic and electric guitar, spending most of his life as a musician and teacher.