· By Carlo Simula

Introducing DSM024 Susy Pintus

Disco Segreta breathes new life into two of the most elusive and coveted italo disco tracks of all time!

Originating from the paradisiac island of Sardinia, Italy, Susy Pintus embarked on her musical journey alongside her brother at Radio Cagliari Centrale, one of Sardinia's very first "free radios," which opened its doors in 1977. Her singing career took flight in 1978, and by 1979, she attained national acclaim with her single "C’Est Magnifique," a disco reinterpretation of the renowned Cole Porter track.

Susy continued to make waves with a series of singles and LPs released on her own label, Numero 3/Number 3. Some of these releases garnered significant success, propelled by appearances on various national TV shows and in movies.

However, Susy's most sought-after single undoubtedly remains her 1986 italo-disco 45 featuring the tracks "Fragile" and "Live for Your Love." These tracks, expertly arranged by Italian jazz piano virtuoso Danilo Rea and superstar musician Aldo Tamborrelli, weave a captivating tapestry of sound using instruments like Yamaha DX7 and CP80, Roland Juno 60 and JX 8P, as well as the omnipresent Linn 9000. The result is a distinctive blend of italo-disco, synth-pop, and a touch of the "balearic" vibe.

Originally released in a limited run of 1500 copies on a 45, these tracks have become exceedingly rare over time, finding their way into the wishlists and collections of discerning italo-disco enthusiasts.

Now, Disco Segreta proudly reissues these two exceptional italo disco gems, granting them the expanded 12” treatment they rightfully deserve, also presenting on cover and label unreleased shots out of the same photo session of the original cover.

This edition includes the original tracks, respectfully remastered to meet contemporary standards, along with two remixes of “Fragile” and “Live For Your Love” by Italian wonderboy Cosimo Mandorino aka Cosmo Dance.

- Limited 250 X 180g black
- Ultra limited X 50 180g bicolor orange/blue
- Bundle Limited + Ultra limited. 
- Digital: all major streaming platforms + website download, free when purchasing your copy, includes the bonus track "Fragile" (Cosmo Dance Dub).

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