· By Carlo Simula

Disco Segreta introduces DS M 023 Adrienne Edwards

Disco Segreta resurrects an extraordinary chapter from the captivating world of late 1970s Italian disco music!

In this installment, we pay homage to the Sicilian producer Franco D’Accardi, hailing from Palermo. Born into a family deeply immersed in the arts, his father, Girolamo D’Accardi, had a history as a choreographer and dancer alongside the legendary Fred Astaire.

Franco assumed the helm of the small record label ASA (Artisti Siciliani Associati), known for its diverse catalog, which included progressive rock, folk, and a sprinkling of disco. Alongside his wife, Alba, who managed the renowned local record store, "ELLEPI," Franco quickly became a pivotal figure for musicians and music enthusiasts alike.

In 1978, Franco's path crossed with that of American model Adrienne Edwards while in Sicily. He enlisted her talents to contribute vocals to two tracks, "Mystic Night" and "Disco Dancing," which were released in 1979 on a 45 RPM record limited to 1500 copies, exclusively distributed in the local area.

While "Disco Dancing" on the B-side offers a fantastic rendition of Stanley Turrentine's disco classic, "Mystic Night" stands out as an electrifying, enigmatic, and seductive disco masterpiece. It's a captivating fusion of drums, congas, snares, slap-bass, and mind-bending synthesizer work, where Adrienne's voice harmonizes with a deep male voice, attempting to entice her. Adrienne whispers, "incredibile, eccitante (incredible, exciting)," and the male voice - Mr. C - responds with wicked laughter, screams, and growls, "I love you too! I got something for you." She hesitantly replies, "oooh what ecstasy! who are you? speak to me, respond, leave me, leave me!".

In short, "Mystic Night" is an utterly unique and indispensable gem in the landscape of underground Italian disco, marking the twilight of the golden disco era.

After extensive efforts, Disco Segreta is reissuing these remarkable Italian disco treasures, fully remastered to meet contemporary standards. This exclusive release will be available on high-quality 180g black vinyl, and it will also be accessible on all major streaming platforms.

And here's a delightful surprise for collectors: we're offering 5 special bundles that include the original 45 record along with the 12" reissue at a highly attractive price, allowing you to add both vintage and modern editions to your collection.


**PRE-ORDER OPENING DATE:** January 8th, 2024
**RELEASE DATE:** January 26th, 2024.