· By Carlo Simula

Disco Segreta introduces DS M 016 Margherita Ton

DS M 016 Margherita Ton - La Prima Notte d’Estate / Dammi Tanto Amore

Disco Segreta prepares for summer with a true italo-disco obscure bomb !

Margherita Ton was the moniker used by musician and composer Rita Sementilli for this one-off 45 single, originally released in 1987 on the italian private label New York Studio, in an edition of just 100 copies, as a birthday gift from her husband.

Margherita was infact the very talented wife of Angelo De Luca, a well known pop producer also dear to italo collectors, being the man behind projects such as Fabbrica di Stelle, Bobby J, Fabrithia, Roberto Onofri, Avenue.

Both “La Prima Notte d’Estate” (The first summer night) and “Dammi Tanto Amore” (Just give me love) have become among the connoisseurs instant staples of synth-driven italo perfection thanks to the airy, charming voice of Margherita, singing over summer-melancholic lyrics in italian.

Possibly among the rarest italo disco records ever released, we are bringing you the chance to own this holy-grail, in a lush respectfully remastered edition, 35 years after its original release, as a hommage from us to her family and the memory of Rita Sementilli.

This 12” will be similarly released in a strictly limited edition of 100 hand-numbered copies on 180gr. yellow vinyl with lyrics insert, exclusively available for purchase on our website and Bandcamp.

Tracklist 12” release:

A) La Prima Notte d’Estate
B) Dammi Tanto Amore

Tracklist digital release:

A) La Prima Notte d’Estate
B) Dammi Tanto Amore

Release date:  May, 13 2022


DS M 016 12” Vinyl, 100 hand-numbered copies on 180gr. yellow vinyl.