· By Carlo Simula

Disco Segreta introduces DS M 017 Luciano Zanetti - Space

Get ready to warp drive on the Disco Segreta spaceship !

This time we pay tribute to the overlooked work of Italian musician Luciano Zanetti.
Still relatively unknown to most, he was  born in Lecco, where he graduated in violin and piano at the local Conservatorio, but then focused on acoustic and electric guitar, spending most of his life as a musician and teacher.

The only recorded evidences ever published by Zanetti are incidentally just two disco-related 45s.

The one presented here, “Volo Delta”, was a synth driven space disco track released on 7" in 1976 on Zanetti’s own private label Rot, at least two years before such niche subgenre found its way into disco productions.

But we discovered that “Volo Delta” was just a part of a sort of “space suite” Zanetti had been working on: a wonderfully cinematic blend of downbeat electronica, chiptune, library music and mellow synth-work recorded in 1975, sounding way ahead of its time, perfectly rendering what was the concept of “future” and “space” back in the 1970s.   

The EP “Space” presents for the first time the original slightly extended version of “Volo Delta”, and three *previously unreleased* tracks: “Esplorazione”, “Incontri Ravvicinati” and “Verso Base Terra”.

As usual with our extreme quality standards, all tracks are taken from the actual analog multitrack masters and respectfully remastered.


DS M 017 Limited edition of 100 copies 180gr. audiophile vinyl.

DS M 017 Strictly limited edition numbered bundle: DS M 017 12" plus the ORIGINAL Volto Delta 1976 45.

Pre-order starts: May, 6th 2022.
Release date: June, 3rd 2022.